New Land Enterprises delivers distinctive communities that bring people joy, with a unique combination of experiential design, hospitality, construction expertise, and management insight.


From roots as a humble painting and renovation company, New Land Enterprises officially formed in 1993 when its founders acquired a duplex, and after improving it, leveraged the sweat equity to purchase more. Soon after, the firm transitioned to ground-up construction and grew to self-perform multi-family residential buildings up to 11 stories.

By 2007, New Land stopped managing construction projects in house to focus on development and managing the growing portfolio, but the experience and first-hand knowledge that comes from actually building has formed the company’s development principles.

Is it buildable? Is it efficient? Our knowledge and history give New Land a unique understanding of the ways that design affects the efficiency of construction. Unlike many, we design from the inside out, with a focus on function, but never at the expense of form. Years of expertise with the intricacies of building, as well as a practical point of view toward building methodology and materials, have driven innovation, produced remarkable results, and eventually become a key competitive advantage.


Today, the company’s vertically integrated structure builds upon our history as builders. New Land’s Property Management division provides full-service property management, from daily customer service and leasing services to full-service facilities management including maintenance and remodel construction.

The experience of managing apartment buildings provides critical knowledge in terms of actual user experience and functionality of the product. What residents want, what works well in terms of features, finishes, amenities, floor plans and mechanicals, is discovered through candid interactions and direct experience. Our Property Management teams work to develop relationships with people, and understand their needs and preferences rather than convince them to buy our product. We constantly seek feedback from residents, and use that information to improve not only the quality of service we deliver, but also the design of future developments.


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Our Passion for Hospitality Drives Experiential Design

In 2014, we had an epiphany. People love the energy of boutique hotels: the dedication to hospitality, the experiential design, and the unexpected elements that delight guests.

So, we began to integrate those principles into design and property management. We’ve figured out how to create spaces that feel good, invite people in, engage them, and make them want to share their experience – whether they’re working on their own, living with family or friends, or hosting a large gathering.

In 2017, we conceived and designed (and now operate) Milwaukee’s first food hall. The creation of New Land’s Hospitality Group now gives us the ability to create bespoke gifts for residents and curate incredible events.

We Don’t Just Program Events

We create experiences that residents and guests can’t wait to share with everyone they know. Swings in the lobby? Secret back-alley speakeasy? Private cooking classes with the city’s best chefs? An exclusive rooftop bar for residents and guests?

We’ve done it all and then some


We take pride in creating developments that celebrate the unique character of their neighborhood while activating overlooked spaces to create new community destinations.

Crossroads Collective

At Crossroads Collective, Milwaukee’s first food hall, we provide up and coming chefs and restaurateurs with a platform, infrastructure and shared resources to share their passion, infuse new flavors into the city’s food scene, and bring unique dining and entertainment experiences to the East Side neighborhood.

Crossroads Collective Exterior
KinetiK patio w


At KinetiK, we combined five public and private parcels and re-routed a city street to create a pedestrian plaza, activating an underused park adjacent to the property. Now, Archer Plaza is a hot spot for food trucks, beer gardens, and live music.

Black Cat Alley

Behind our historic Oriental Theatre building, a once defunct alley space is now home to Black Cat Alley, an outdoor art gallery featuring murals by artists from all over the globe and one of Milwaukee’s top ten tourist destinations.

Black Cat Alley


We’re at the forefront of technology, engineering, and architectural innovation. Our focus on the built environment – creating spaces based on biophilic design principles, user experience, intelligent planning, and human interaction – sets us apart as a real estate developer.

New Land Enterprises has a multi-decade track record of innovative solutions for engineering problems, and was the first developer in the city of Milwaukee to build with light gauge steel, as well as the first to incorporate hydronic radiant heating. In 2022, New Land completed the world’s tallest mass timber tower in downtown Milwaukee, drawing international attention and catapulting the city to the forefront of discussions in design, engineering and sustainability.