With more than 30 years of expertise as developers and a proven track record of excellence in property management, we offer a full spectrum of services and can be a “one stop shop” for our partners, whether the goal is leasing up new construction, managing a stabilized property or repositioning value-add. We can help create the vision or make your vision reality.

As a privately-owned, local company, we can customize to meet our clients’ needs in a way that large, national corporations cannot. We think outside the box, and have addressed unique challenges with customized solutions in our own properties as well as those we manage for others.


Our award-winning leasing specialists provide best-in-class service. All of our team members are trained in fair housing, and conduct regular market research, including competitor shops, to compile bi-monthly market studies.


From first leasing contact, the resident lifecycle begins. We consider every touch point and communication part of the renewal experience. We utilize a suite of products to maximize our retention and ensure robust community engagement.


Maintenance is top priority, and we are committed to proactive building care. Preventative work is scheduled based on a comprehensive, custom operating manual, and all work orders are tracked in a transparent database. 


Consistently recognized as a top employer, New Land attracts and retains the best talent. Comprehensive training, clearly defined roles and intentional growth plans ensure the right people are ready for the right opportunities.

New Land’s in-house marketing, development, legal, and accounting teams provide expert solutions from the perspective of a developer, owner, and property manager. This allows our on-site teams to focus on operations and resident experience, while trusting our core support teams to quickly determine, recommend and execute the best solutions. Unlike firms that can only work with information that their clients provide; our innate building knowledge and operational experience allow us to efficiently and strategically allocate resources for the best results, while providing valuable guidance to help our clients achieve their targeted financial results.

At New Land, we understand how to extract value to achieve both near and long-term financial objectives. We deliver unmatched resident experiences, while achieving financial targets. We think big, and we keep our promises.

Unlike firms that are exclusively fee managers, we have a deep knowledge of what’s on the line, and are prepared to work with you as true partners.

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